PetKind Wet Dog Food Limited Ingredient Beef 12oz

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Limited Ingredients
With 95% fresh meat in every can, Canada Fresh formulas have limited ingredient decks and contain only the ingredients necessary to make the perfect healthy meal for your dog.

Single Animal Proteins
Every formula contains only one animal protein (except the red meat). It's the perfect choice for dogs with sensitivities or allergies – you'll always know which fresh meat you're serving in your dog's bowl.


Limited Ingredients

Beef Tripe, Beef, Water, Sweet Potato, Quinoa, Blueberry

As Fed

Crude Protein (min): 8%
Crude Fat (min): 6.3%
Crude Fiber (max): 0.6%
Moisture (max): 79%
Ash (max): 1%
Omega 6 (min): 0.21%
Omega 3 (min) 0.39%
Sodium: 48.8mg/100g
Phosphorus: 89.2mg/100g
Calcium: 81.1mg/100g


Dry Matter

Crude Protein (min): 25%
Crude Fat (min): 50.25%
Crude Fiber (max): 1.08%
*Ash (max): 5.4%
Sodium: 0.20%
Phosphorus: 0.59%
Calcium: 0.05%
Iron: 449.5mg/kg
Copper: 3.37mg/kg