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Self-Serve Pet Wash

Self Wash Price: $18/Dog

Our shampoo and conditioner options give your pet a deep-down clean, and we only use products that are sulfate and silicone-free! Once your pet’s thoroughly clean, move over to one of our drying stations equipped with professional drying equipment consisting of powerful warm-air dryers (not hot!), so there’s no chance of burning your pet the way a human hair dryer can.

We also offer soothing paw balm for your pet’s footpads (which can become dry and cracked from summer heat or winter cold). Finish things off with natural pet cologne that will leave your newly-washed companion smelling as good as they look!

Self-Wash Hours

The self-service pet wash is available by walk-in, 7 days a week!
Please note, the bathing area closes 30 minutes prior to our retail store and self-wash wait times may vary.

Monday - Friday: 10am - 6:30pm
Saturday: 10am - 5:30pm
Sunday: 12pm - 5:30pm

Additional Walk-In Services

Our bathing staff is available during self-wash hours to assist in the following a-la-carte services:

Our trained staff will carefully trim your dogs nails and apply a paw balm to moisturize paw pads. $15

Smoothing dremel after nail trim to shorten nails and round out rough edges. $20

Pet-safe dental gel and gentle teeth brushing. Bring back your toothbrush and receive $1 off your next teeth brushing service with us! $12

Includes trimming of the bottom of the paw pad only. $15

Using a gentle cleanser with antifungal properties, our staff will wipe out the ear to remove build up. $8

How to use the Self-Service Pet Wash

Take a load off and let our trained bathing staff wash & dry your dog for you!
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Our highly-recommended groomers will work with you & your pet to ensure they get the perfect 'doo!
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