Your Dog’s Prescription Pet Food: Harmful or Helpful?

Your Dog’s Prescription Pet Food: Harmful or Helpful?

Nov 16, 2020Bark Twain
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Your pet’s prescribed “healthy” food may be the least nutritious option.

Every good pet parent wants what’s best for their fur babies. From the special toys to the countless photos, it’s clear we love our pets and want to make sure they’re happy and healthy. One important aspect of their wellness is nutrition! Is your pet eating the right amount? And equally important, is your pet eating the right food?

Whether it comes as a surprise or not, most grocery food stores are not well-equipped with the nutrition that your sweet pup or kitty needs. These malnourishing foods may mean your pup is eating too much of the wrong things and still not getting the vitamins and minerals they need. Check out our thoughts on Preventing Pet Obesity and learn more about how horrifically common pet malnourishment is!

What’s even worse is that many vet-prescribed pet foods are even less nutritious than these regular pet foods!

In a study conducted by Dana Scott, founder and CEO of Dogs Naturally Magazine, a number of veterinarians were asked to objectively rate a handful of pet foods based solely on the food’s ingredients list. Read her full article here. Long story short: the prescription diet pet food ranked very last and is considered to be of the lowest quality. And have you noticed that no humans are prescribed foods. So why should pets? 

Many of the veterinarians also pointed out that a number of the ingredients in the prescribed diet pet food are actually considered harmful for your sweet furry friends.

These damaging ingredients can cause serious long-term health effects including liver malfunction. For example, one prescription diet food used whole grain corn instead of chicken. Don’t give your pet cheap animal protein replacements! 

Several vets also admitted that their formal education on pet nutrition was lacking and that most pet nutrition information comes from the sellers.

Skip the commercials and read the ingredients list on your pet’s food! Not only is prescribed diet pet food worse than regular big brand foods, but these prescription foods are often twice as expensive!

The next time you go to order your dog’s food, read the label first. Ingredients matter.

Wondering if you need to switch your pet’s food to something more nutritious? Browse our online store for pet food you can trust – and get it delivered right to your front door!

Our pet nutrition experts are more than delighted to help guide you in supporting your pet’s overall wellness – starting with better nutrition.

Drop by today or contact us online! We can’t wait to see your pets happier and healthier!

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