Sustainable Brands to Help Reduce Your Carbon Pawprint

Sustainable Brands to Help Reduce Your Carbon Pawprint

Apr 22, 2022Bark Twain
Dog laying on Molly Mutt Bed
Image sourced from Molly Mutt​​

Being eco-friendly is all the rage these days, but we know that's not why you do it. You want to provide your furry family members with sustainable, green, high quality pet products because being good to Planet Earth is important to you. At the Barkery, it's always been our mission to provide options for pet owners with the highest-quality & safe ingredients when it comes to food, treats, toys and more. Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22nd as a day of education about environmental issues, protecting the world's resources and taking action toward a more sustainable future.  When it comes to making more conscious decisions related to our furry family members, there has never been a better time to spoil your pets with eco-friendly products that are as beneficial to the Earth as they are to your pet! 

Sustainably Yours Cat Litter

Not only is this litter odor-eliminating and easy to clean, but it's better for the planet. After years of experimentation with a wide array of plant-based products, the Sustainably Yours team hit upon a unique solution based on the combination of corn and cassava, two sustainable and renewable crops. Then by trial and error, created a cat litter that had outstanding odor control and formed exceptionally firm clumps for easy scooping. Sustainably Yours is now available at independent pet stores throughout the country, including Brookside Barkery & Bath. Helping cat owners take better care of the environment without sacrificing performance was a simple promise - one that the creators of Sustainably Yours delivered. 

Image sourced from Sustainably Yours​​

Molly Mutt Eco-Friendly Pet Beds

The Molly Mutt bed is a durable, washable & pre-shrunk dog bed duvet cover - simply stuff your molly mutt bed with your old clothes, pillows, blankets, or even old dog beds. Molly Mutt products are custom-designed and give your old stuff a new purpose. In other words, upcycle your life! Molly Mutt duvet covers are available in a variety of colors, patterns and sizes. Our recommendation is to purchase the duvet cover along with the "stuff sack" to easily remove the duvet cover for washing. Curious? Watch how it works! If you and your pup are still on the fence, consider this: every year, the average person recycles or donates 12 pounds of textiles, and the EPA reports that only 15.3% of those textiles are recovered after use - which means the rest goes directly to the landfill. For every single pound of clothing you use to stuff your dog duvet instead, you can save 20x that amount of carbon from going into the atmosphere. 

Let us break it down for you: these bags are certified compostable! Earth Rated knows that when it comes to helping the environment, every detail makes a difference. From the vegetable-based bag down to the recyclable core, these compostable rolls do it all. These bags are 100% leak-proof, BPI-approved, and meat the ASTM D6400 guidelines to be disposed of in a municipal compost environment where pet waste is accepted. Tough on poop, easy on the planet! 

Earth Rated Poop Bags
Image from Earth ​​Rated

Skout's Honor Natural Pet Products

Whether you're dealing with an itchy dog, or just looking for a way to get that funky smell out of the carpet, Skout's Honor has something for every pet-loving home and family. Skout's Honor promises eco-friendly, plant-powered, non-toxic and cruelty-free shampoos and conditioners, household cleaners and more. As an environmentally and socially conscious company, Skout's Honor products exceed the highest level of environmental responsibility and safety standards and perform above and beyond anything else in their category. All Skout's Honor products are manufactured under the California Green Chemistry initiative - all products are non-toxic, rapidly biodegradable, eco-friendly and free of harsh chemicals, making them safe to use around your pets, family and home.. 

P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle and You

P.L.A.Y. makes quality pet products with pets, people, and the planet in mind. Each of P.L.A.Y.'s plush toys are stuffed with eco-friendly PlanetFill® filler made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles, so far saving over 10 million bottles from entering landfills. In addition, P.L.A.Y.'s FSC certified packaging and renewable energy in the headquarters office have helped the brand become Gold Certified by Green America's Green Business Certification program. It's clear that this brand takes responsibility for reducing their carbon footprint and making things better for pets, people, and the planet. 

Play plush toy
Image from P.L.A.Y​​

Earth Animal

Every dog loves a good treat. At Earth Animal, they make sure that those treats are not only delicious but are also full of important health benefits for dogs and do no harm to the planet. And while they're at it, they keep people in mind, too, by sourcing their ingredients from small businesses and independent farmers and fishermen. Sustainability, by definition, means meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to thrive. At Earth Animal, their mission is to preserve and enhance the quality of life for animals, people, and the Earth – so sustainability is baked into their DNA. They honor their commitment to their mission and sustainability through their 1% Promise. They have a commitment to use 1% of their annual net sales to strengthen programs that pioneer a more sustainable future for all of us. Investing in a more sustainable future for the pet industry, fund initiatives that improve the sustainability of their internal operations and donate to efforts helping animals, people, and the Earth. 

Enivronmentally-Conscious Pet Food

Brookside Barkery & Bath is proud to partner with pet food manufacturers who follow ethical and transparent business practices while producing the highest quality foods. The pet food brands listed below produce sustainably-sourced products and monitor their supply chains to ensure the highest quality ingredients and pet food you can trust. Just click the brands below to learn more about their sustainably-sourced pet food formulas.

Answers Pet Food 

Champion Pet Foods (Orijen & Acana)

Earth Animal



Fromm Family Pet Foods

Grandma Lucy's

Honest Kitchen

k9 Natural & Feline Natural

Lotus Pet Food

Nature's Logic

OC Raw

Petcurean Now Fresh & Go! Solutions

Pets Global (Essence, Inception, Zignature and Fussie Cat)

Primal Pet Foods

Stella & Chewy's

Steve's Real Food

Tucker's Raw

Ziwi Peak

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