How to Find a Lost Pet in Kansas City

How to Find a Lost Pet in Kansas City

May 14, 2021Bark Twain
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Discovering that your pet has gone missing can be extremely stressful – especially when you don’t know where to start to find him again.

Thankfully, Kansas City happens to have a very solid network of animal rescues, organizations and resources to help bring your pet home again. Take a look at the resources below to get started. 

Lost Pet Resources in Kansas City

Let your neighbors know that your pet has gone missing

Microchipped pets

If your animal is microchipped please contact the company to report your pet as lost. Unsure of which company your pet is registered with? This website will give you the microchip company’s name and contact information so you can report your pet missing.

What if my pet was stolen?

If it is possible that your dog was stolen, please contact your local police to fill out a report. Make sure that you have multiple photos with as many angles as possible of your dogs as they help to identify your pet and potentially prove ownership. However, a microchipped pet is the best way to prove ownership.

Even if it has been a couple of days, or sometimes weeks, have hope that your pet will make it back home! We hope you are reunited with your furry friend soon!

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