How to Boost Your Dog's Kibble

How to Boost Your Dog's Kibble

Sep 14, 2021Bark Twain
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Proper nutrition is the primary source for your pet’s wellness. It’s true – your dog’s overall health and happiness is largely dependent on their diet!

At the Barkery, we prioritize pet owner education – especially proper pet nutrition – to help pet owners make the best possible choices for their cherished companions. For years now, the Barkery staff has been supportive of the benefits of raw in a dog’s diet.

What is a Raw Diet?

Most kibble lacks the complete nutritional value needed to promote your pet’s best health. Dry kibble is often 25-45% starch and, while some starch is okay for your dog, it shouldn’t be the primary ingredient in their diet. In addition, kibble is typically cooked at a high temperatures – removing many of the enzymes, vitamins and healthy bacteria vital to your pet’s sustained health.

On the other hand, raw diets don’t contain wheat, gluten or other pet food “fillers” – and they also leave out preservatives. So what is a “raw” diet? Choosing to feed your dog a raw diet means offering meats, whole bones, raw eggs, and various dog-safe fruits and veggies. Your dog certainly won’t grow bored of a raw diet – raw not only adds nutrition, but also a variety of flavor!

Benefits of a raw diet include shinier fur, healthier skin, and even better breath! Improved digestive systems in pets work from the inside out, activating better focus, higher energy levels, and yes, even cleaner teeth!

Raw diet meals can be store-bought, freeze-dried, dehydrated, or cooked at home – but it’s a good idea to check in with your vet or the pet nutrition experts at the Barkery for raw suggestions associated with your specific breed.

Balancing Kibble with a Raw Diet

Most pets today consume at least some kibble. Cost effective and convenient, kibble remains the primary source of most pets’ diets. However, even if you choose to feed your pet kibble on a regular basis, there are many budget-friendly options to make his diet a healthier one.

You don’t have to become a 100% raw feeder – it’s fine to supplement your pet’s kibble with a few tasty and nutritious raw additions! There are quite a few ways to still feed kibble AND promote your pet’s wellness with healthier foods. The Barkery has many affordable recommendations to keep the kibble and boost your pup’s overall health – with Kibble boosting!

If your dog eats dry dog food every day, it’s a good idea to boost with hydrating, nutrient rich raw foods. Add these fun extras to your pet’s kibble a few times a week – or even feed separately as a special reward for obedience!

  • Sardines – Full of omega 3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and calcium! Be sure sardines are still in water with no extra salt added; additionally, check the label to ensure no flavorings, no skin and no bones. One sardine per week should be just fine!
  • Egg – Don’t be afraid to add the whole thing, even the shell! Eggs are great for protein and calcium.
  • Fresh veggies and fruits – Remember to use caution when serving fruits and veggies as some are not dog-safe. Sweet potato and cucumbers are great, but avoid onions and grapes. Green leafy vegetables can help prevent bladder cancer, and yellow-orange like carrots are also helpful. Other veggies to try include bell peppers, green beans spinach or even broccoli!
  • Pumpkin – This is is a superfood for your pooch’s digestive health. A word of caution: make sure any pumpkin you feed your dog has no artificial flavors or added sweeteners; look for pure pumpkin puree, NOT canned pie mix!
  • Organ meats like liver – These are super choices for protein, iron, zinc, vitamin A and multiple B vitamins. Slice and serve as treats or, chop baked liver for “bacon bits” to top off kibble.
  • Raw goat’s milk – An excellent serving of both prebiotics and probiotics does wonders to promote good gut health. Drizzle the milk over kibble or freeze mini goat milk-ice cubes to add to their dish! Just ask about serving methods when you pick up goat’s milk from the Barkery!
  • Bone broth – This kibble booster contains natural gelatin (broken down collagen) for digestive health and joint health.
  • Raw bones – At the Barkery we offer raw supplemental feeding bones like chicken backs and turkey necks; full of important vitamins and proteins, your dog will go nuts for nutrition that’s also super tasty!
  • Supplements – Options like Primal raw toppers or food fortifiers are another easy option for busy pet owners with little prep time. Just add to your pet’s kibble and let her chow down on an extra delicious food that also boosts her wellbeing!

Is a Raw Diet the Right Option for Your Dog?

At Brookside Barkery and Bath, our favorite job is making sure your fluffy companions are happy and healthy – we love nothing more than to support caring pet owners in making the best nutrition decisions for your four-pawed family.

Drop by the Barkery today to learn more about raw diets or ask about the various kibble boosters we carry in store – or, contact us online with any questions you may still have!

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