Five Tips for Winter Grooming

Five Tips for Winter Grooming

Dec 10, 2020Bark Twain
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Winter weather is no friend to noses, paws, or fur! Many pet owners are tempted to pause or postpone bathing their dogs because the pups seems less dirty. If your dog isn’t out rolling in mud or playing in the dog park, he stays cleaner, right? Truth be told, he may not be covered in mud from rainy puddles or doggy poo from the park, but bathing and grooming is still a winter must. Winter grooming is essential not just for cleanliness, but for safety and good health. 

How Winter Grooming Prevents Winter Wear and Tear

To protect your sweet fur baby from the harsh winter atmosphere, the Barkery and Bath is here to offer quick tips for winter grooming that will help prevent winter wear and tear on your dog’s nose, paws, and coat. 

1. Dry Thoroughly

If your dog loves a good romp in the snow, she’s going to need a good rubdown afterwards. For those pups that prefer to be inside, remember that it’s important to dry their coat completely after encountering any moisture – rain or even baths. Just make sure that after every trip outside, their coat is brushed off and any moisture is dried.

2. Brush Regularly

Indoor heating is not enough to dry out your pup’s coat safely since mats and tangles are bound to form in your dog’s fur. These mats and tangles prevent even distribution of the pet’s natural oils causing dry itchy skin. Matted fur also holds a lot of moisture that can become a breeding ground for bacteria, causing infections. Daily brushing for even a few moments will help keep your dog’s coat smooth and silky and clean.

3. Check Your Pup’s Paws

Time for a puppy pedicure! Even if your dog is getting outside and exercising, it’s most likely on snow and ice that will not wear down her nails properly. If you hear your pup come across the room and her paws “click click click,” it means her nails might be too long and she can slip on ice. It’s also important to trim excess fur to prevent “snowballing.” Ice and snow melt and harden in your dog’s paws, forming painful ice balls that can cause cracking and painful bleeding. Consider doggy booties or a natural balm to protect your dog’s feet. Read more about protecting your pup’s paws here!

4. Moisturizing is Key!

Dry indoor heating is tough on skin and hair – and fur! When you bathe your dog this winter,use a gentle, highly moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Be sure to also keep an eye on your dog’s nose to see if he is dehydrated. Read more about Dry Nose now to make sure your pup isn’t sick.

5. Set Up a Grooming Appointment

This is the easiest way to keep your dog happy, healthy and smelling oh so fresh! The Barkery and Bath can trim your dog’s nails, check her paw pads, and give her the full bath and groom experience so that you don’t have to! Skip the fur in the tub and a blow drying disaster and make your appointment today!

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