All About Raw Diets for Dogs

All About Raw Diets for Dogs

Jan 26, 2021Bark Twain

Your dog’s wellness begins with nutrition.

Many pet owners are now opting to serve a raw diet for their dogs, and you may have questions! What exactly is a raw diet? Is it expensive? Is a raw diet healthier than kibble? The Barkery and Bath is here to answer all your questions and to help you make the choice best suited for your domesticated wolf descendant. 

What is a Raw Diet for Dogs?

According to the American Kennel Club, a raw diet often includes a variety of organ and muscle meats, whole or ground bones, and raw eggs; it also contains a number of dog-safe fruits and vegetables, and even yogurt at times.

This raw dog food can be fixed at home; however, this is the point that most concerns vets since many pet owners may not have the knowledge or resources to assemble a sufficiently nutritious diet. The good news is that raw dog food can also be store-bought, freeze-dried, or even dehydrated!

Why Switch to a Raw Diet?

Due to a lack of nutritional science for pets for many years, kibble simply was the most convenient and cost-efficient option for many pets. For years pet food companies have sought to enhance their version of carb-loaded, artificially flavored, preservative-filled filler kibble. While these companies have definitely improved their marketing, the nutrition labels have unfortunately remained much the same. These dry dog food bits (kibble) are also still processed through an extreme heat that cooks out the little nutrition that was there to begin with.

Nutrition for pets has been overlooked for too long – how many times at a vet checkup do they ask about your pet’s diet and nutrition? Unfortunately, in many vet practices this is not the case. At the Barkery, we firmly believe according to science that nutrition is the best and first approach to wellness.

With advancements in pet nutritional science, we now understand how processed kibble is all too frequently linked to severe health issues in pets like cancers, tumors, mental illness and heart diseases. For example, pet prescription diets intended to boost your pet’s wellness are actually quite harmful! Is your pet on a vet-recommended pet prescription diet? Read more here. Sadly, many pets of today are both malnourished AND overweight due to nutritionless kibble.

A raw diet on the other hand much resembles a human whole foods diet; while studies are still in progress, the science shows that whole foods are much better for you – and your pets! – than the preservative-filled, extreme heat-processed carbs.

Health Benefits of A Raw Diet

Pet owners who have switched over to a raw diet report shinier fur and healthier skin! The health benefits of a raw diet also give your dog cleaner teeth, which also means better breath! Dogs on a raw diet have a higher energy level, balanced mental health, and produce healthier stools. The health benefits of a raw diet are certainly looking good! 

Is A Raw Diet More Expensive than Kibble?

As we often say here at the Barkery, the best medicine is prevention. While a raw diet will cost more up front than a bag of processed corn kibble, you will save so much money in vet bills and medical costs. One study indicates that feeding your dog raw food instead of kibble can cost around $10 dollars per day instead of $2, but once you factor in the medicines and supplements that dogs on kibble require, the cost effectiveness of a raw diet is glaringly clear. Health costs included, a raw diet is much less expensive than kibble. 

Will A Raw Diet Make My Dog Sick?

The risks of handling raw meat include contracting illnesses like salmonella and e. coli. However, dogs have shorter digestive tracts and a higher acidity than humans do; dogs are much less susceptible to getting sick from eating raw meat – eating raw meat is in their genes!

As a pet owner, you should know that kibble also carries salmonella. What does this mean for you? Your dog will probably be just fine; you, on the other hand, should wash your hands carefully before and after handling dog food of any kind. Practice safe food handling practices and you’ll stay healthy too!

Raw Diet Concerns to Consider:

Age: Raw diets are fine to be fed to puppies; however their tender tummies are just coming off of a mother’s milk diet and will not be ready to handle a immediate switch to a raw diet.  We recommend a slow transition with the aid of Goat Milk! If you are considering a raw diet for your puppy feel free to contact us for more information!

Prior Health Issues: If your dog suffers from kidney or liver failure, please do not feed them a raw diet as their fragile bodies may not be able to handle the higher protein levels of a raw diet. Likewise, dogs receiving chemo or dogs who have suffered cancer should also steer clear of a raw diet.

Sourcing: If you are preparing your dog’s raw diet at home, be informed about what nutrition is vital for your pet’s wellbeing. Vets often advise against raw diets simply because they see the negative effects of a raw diet gone wrong due to an unbalanced homemade plan.

If you’d rather skip the work of preparing your dog’s raw diet, simply ask at the Barkery! We’d love to help you find the right dehydrated or freeze-dried option for your sweet pup!

Is a Raw Diet the Right Option for Your Dog?

At Barkery and Bath, our favorite job is making sure your fluffy companions are happy and healthy – we love nothing more than to support caring pet owners in making the best decisions for your four-pawed family. Drop by today or contact us online with any questions you may still have! 

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